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Transfer guide from Keisei to JR Sobu Lines at Funabashi

This transfer is of use for those heading to Maihama (Tokyo Disneyland, Disneysea), Shinjuku avoiding a Yamanote Line ride, each station on the Metro Tozai Line, JR Sobu, Yokosuka and Chuo Line.

funabashi location

How to catch the Keisei Line train from Narita Airport

It takes the Keisei Limited Express train approx. 48 minutes to get from Narita Airport to (Keisei-)Funabashi and it costs 720 yen each way. The train runs every 20 minutes.

Get off the Skyliner or the limited express at (Keisei-)Funabashi.

Go downstairs via the escalator.

Clear the turnstile and turn to the left to head toward JR Funabashi Station.

Go straight on through the shopping complex until you find a downward escalator to the ground level.

Take the escalator.

As soon as you leave the escalator, turn to the right and then turn to the left to purchase a JR portion ticket. If you have a suica, just head toward the entrance.

Entrance and departure boards. Those who head to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Yokohama or Kamakura, go to track #3. Those heading to Nishi-Funabashi (onto Maihama and Tozai Line), Akihabara and Shinjuku, go to track #1.

Sobu rapid - Yokosuka Line train

Sobu-Chuo local train

--- --- ---

Sobu local Shinjuku bound timetable:

1) Weekdays

funabashi sobu local shinjuku bound timetable weekdays

Larger image

2) Weekends

funabashi sobu local shinjuku bound timetable weekends

Larger image

Get off the local train at Nishi-Funabashi, the next stop and change to the Keiyo Line Tokyo bound train to get to Maihama.

3) Maihama, Tokyo bound timetable:
a) Weekdays;

Nishi-funabashi tokyo bound timetable weekdays

Larger image

b) Weekends;

Nishi-funabashi tokyo bound timetable weekends

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Train connection search: jorudan

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