Monday, September 22, 2008

Mishima - Gotemba - Kawaguchiko bus timetable


The timetable listed below is now outdated. Seems there was a comprehensive schedule revision recently.
If you need to see the current timetable, go to the link below, though all are written in Japanese.

Fujikyu Bus current timetable

Bus stops
三島駅: Mishima Station
御殿場プレミアムアウトレット: Gotemba Premium Outlet
御殿場駅(着): Gotemba Station (arrivals)
御殿場駅(発): Gotemba Station (departures)
河口湖駅: Kawaguchiko Station

☆: Not in service on weekends and public holidays.
▲: Runs on weekends and public holidays.
◎: Runs on weekends, public holidays and between 18 July and 31 August.
急: Express
ア: Operates at the Outlet Mall.
特予: Limited express / Subject to mandatory reservation / Runs on weekends, in Golden week, summer and year end holidays.

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I managed to upload the bus timetable between Kawaguchiko and Mishima via Gotemba.

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1) Kawaguchiko to Mishima via Gotemba

kawaguchiko mishima bus timetable

Larger image

2) Mishima to Kawaguchiko via Gotemba

Mishima kawaguchiko bus timetable_01

Larger image

3) Fare chart

Mishima kawaguchiko bus timetable_02

Larger image

Please use these charts by adjusting the size, e.g. Imaze Zoom on Firefox.



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