Sunday, September 14, 2008

Info on Nankai Line to Osaka Namba (Minami) from KIX

The Nankai Line boasts a good connection between Kansai Airport and Osaka Namba, in the middle of the city. The limited express 'rapi:t' (meaning fast in German) and the express run every 30 minutes between both terminuses in the daytime.

Follow the signpost to the station.

Kansai Airport Station, shared with JR.

Ticket machines: You can purchase the limited express reservation ticket via ticket machine.

Price from Kansai Airport to Namba:
Base fare: 890 yen (valid on local and express trains)
Limited express surcharge for regular seats: 500 yen / 1,390 yen in total
Limited express surcharge for super seats: 700 yen / 1,590 yen in total

Station entrance

Escalator and stairs to the track

Lifts are also available.


Limited express 'rapi:t'

Super seat

Regular seat

Local/Express train to Namba

Inside the express/local train

Limited express standing at Namba Station.

Nankai Namba bound timetable

Durations from Kansai Airport(from KIX official site)
Namba by limited express: Apporx. 39 min
Namba by express: Apporx. 43 min



Anonymous said...

another great blog. I read all your blogs with interest. It's a great public service, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

until what time does the bus operates from osaka airport to nagoya station?

gutereise09 said...

No bus runs between Osaka Kansai Airport and Nagoya Station.
Alternatively you first take the Nankai Line train to Namba, then transfer to Kintetsu Limited Express to Nagoya. The last train from Namba to Nagoya leaves at 21:30 hrs.
You might purchase the Kintetsu Railpass for 3,500 yen. It's cheaper than the Namba-Nagoya one way ticket for the limited express.
Scroll down 1/2 of the page.

Train schedule search:

Anonymous said...

Very useful information. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good day. do they take credit card at Nankai ticket machines at Kansai Airport?

gutereise09 said...

I don't think the ticket machines and the ticket counters accept credit cards at Nankai stations.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good link to look up train schedules.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great information, thank you

ruffeecola said...

thanks for this post and photos are nice!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what time the last train leaves from Namba to the airport? Is the shuttle from the airport in operation after the arrival of this train? I have a flight at the most awkward time...

An account to remember said...

Hi, Is there a limousine bus from KIX to Tempozan area? I prefer to go directly to tempozan. If taxi how much is the estimated cost?

Hope you can help

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