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Japan Railpass validation procedures at Kansai Airport and limited express Haruka and Osaka bound rapid trains info

JR West connects KIX and Osaka, Kyoto directly with its train services. The limited express Haruka gets you to Kyoto in 75 minutes in the daytime, and the rapid train gets you to Osaka (Umeda) in 66 minutes for 1,160 yen each way.

If you purchase the JR West Kansai one day pass for 2,000 yen, you can get to Kyoto in a non-reserved seat with the ticket. The normal fare is 2,980 yen each way in a non-reserved seat from KIX to Kyoto.

You can purchase as many vouchers as you like before you come to Japan. It's sales locations are all the same as the Japan Railpass sales agencies. After entering Japan, you can purchase the pass only once.

The JR West Kansai and Sanyo pass are sold at any JR West counter in Kansai Airport, Osaka, Shin-Osaka, Kyoto and other major stations. You can activate the passes from vouchers at the same places.

JR West Pass official site
More details on JR West Kansai Pass

From their brochuer
Page 1 (Front cover)
Page 2 (Prices, terms and conditions)
Page 3 (Must visit places)
Page 4 (Sales locations)

I'd say you might want to choose the Japan Railpass instead of JR West Sanyo Pass unless you're in a hurry.

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Follow the signpost to the station.

Kansai Airport Station (shared with Nankai)

JR ticket counter, where you are supposed to have your JR Pass validated. However, unlike Narita Airport Station operated by JR East, there is no signpost regarding JR Pass validation here, inside or outside.

The entire view of the ticket counter room.

The JR Pass validation point: According to the rep, they usually ask foreign tourists who are validating the pass to wait in a line for the ticket counter. The rep will validate the pass for you. If the line gets longer with those wishing to validate the pass, they open a designated counter for foreign tourists to do so.

I didn't see any blank JR Pass application format on the desk etc at all, so you may need to ask a sales rep for it. I might suggest you to print the format out at home before the trip to Japan to avoid possible trouble.
For JR Pass validation office hours and application form print-out

JR West Railpass as stated above.

JR ticket machines

Departure board

Signpost to each carriage on Haruka train

Lifts are also available.

Haruka train about to leave.

Ordinary class on Haruka

Luggage space next to the exit door

Osaka (Umeda) bound rapid train.

Inside the rapid train

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

JR train timetable from KIX

Approx. durations (from KIX official site):
1) Limited express Haruka
Kyoto: 75 min
Shin-Osaka: 50 min
Tennoji: 30 min

2) Rapid
Osaka (Umeda): 65 min
Tennoji: 45 min



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You can purchase as many vouchers as you like before you come to Japan.

Please note that only one JR West Kansai 1-day pass voucher per person per visit to Japan can be activated at at a particular station. E.g. if I have bought 2 JR West Kansai 1-day pass vouchers, both in my name, & I have already exchanged one voucher for a railpass at JR Kyoto station, I cannot exchange the second one for a railpass at the same station (JR Kyoto) too, unless I leave Japan & enter again with a new immigration entry stamp. I'd have to exchange the second one at a different participating JR station e.g. Shin-Osaka or KIX. (Info correct as of Nov 2010.)

I flew in & out of KIX, & used 2 such vouchers for travelling between KIX & Kyoto, so I had no problems (one activated at KIX, the other at Kyoto). But the JTB staff in my country & JR staff at KIX all took pains to explain the above condition to me when they saw that I had more than one voucher for the JR West Kansai 1-day pass. Not sure if this condition applies to other passes e.g. the JR West Kansai 4-day pass.

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