Monday, September 22, 2008

Transfer to Keiyo Line at Tokyo

How to get to the Keiyo Line platform from the Narita Express one at Tokyo Station

JR Keiyo Line conects Tokyo and Maihama, where very popular Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea are located. The thing is that the track location of this line at Tokyo Station is very remote from the other lines. It's at least a 10 minutes' walk to get to the platform. I'd show the way to reach there from the Narita Express (Sobu Rapid) track by using maps and photos.

JR Tokyo Station map

Aerial map and the distance

The path we are going from now.

The Narita Express from NRT arrives on Sobu Rapid track #1.

Take the escalator to basement  4

Go up to B4 via escalator.

Escalators to the basement 1

Change to another one to B1.

Basement 1

Walk toward the escalators to the ground level (1F).

Go up to the ground level

Go up to the ground level.

Tokyo Station

Walk down the Central Hallway by following the signpost toward the Keiyo Line.

Chuo Line train

Yamanote Line Train

Yamanote Line train

Keihin Tohoku Line train

Tokaido Line train

Transfer from each line.

Tokyo Station

This is the Shinkansen entrance area. Turn on the right to get to the Keiyo Line platform. It's 520m from here onwards, and you may have walked a few hundred meters so far and spent approx. 10 minutes.

Go downstairs by escalator.

Then take the three travelators (moving walkways).

Go downstairs by escalator again.

At last you're on the Keiyo Line's premises, though there are another two escalators to go...

The scenery after getting off one of the two remaining escalators.

Final one.

You made it!

Tokyo Disneyland

Also refer to the following page to see the overall structure of this station.
Transfer from the Sobu Line rapid track to each JR Line track.



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You have a great blog. It's very helpful. Do you also have similar transfer info with photos for JR Keiyo Line from Maihama-Hatchobori Station-Hibiya Line? My family will be taking this route and I wish to see how is the transfer from Hatchobori to Hibiya. Thanks so much!

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