Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JR East Pass Special for 10,000 yen

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JR East sells a 'JR East Pass Spacial' for 10,000 yen overseas (voucher) until 20th November, 2009, and in Japan until 1st December, 2009.
The travel period is until the end of this year. It can be used any train run by JR East in the JR East service area for 3 days regardless of whether they are consecutive or not.

The good points of this pass are not only its reasonable price but also its flexibility. You don't need to frantically hurry to get your money's worth from the pass by taking trains all day long even after the validity of the pass kicks in.

Model course:
Narita Airport to Tokyo proper on the Narita Express: This trip should be made with the 'Suica and NEX' combo for 3,500 yen.

Day 1) Travel to Hachinohe from Tokyo by Shinkansen to visit Oirase and Lake Towada.
The normal price is 15,350 yen each way in a reserved seat.

Day 2) Return to Tokyo

Day 3) Return to Narita Airport by Narita Express. Its normal price from Shinjuku to the airport is 3,110 yen.

Total price: 33,810 yen, as opposed to 10,000 yen pass

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