Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting around Tokyo

I'd show a one day stroll course in Tokyo, which will keep you busy for a day:

How about taking the Sumida River boat bus from Asakusa to Odaiba?

First you might go to Kappabashi near Tawaramachi Station on the Metro Ginza Line. You'll enjoy viewing various kinds of professional cooking related items such as utensils, lanterns as a signpost, plastic food model to be presented in the show case in front of reataurants.
Kappabashi info

How plastic food models are used in Japan

Then proceed to Asakusa, visit the Sensoji Temple, and board the river boat to Odaiba.
There are various shopping complexes, ferris wheel etc. The night view from the observation platform is beautiful. There is a small 'Statue of Libety'.

Rainbow bridge with Statue of Liberty and Tokyo Tower

Real Statue of Liberty in NYC

Then return to Shimbashi on Yurikamome, unmanned train and onto Kanda. If possible, take the exact front seat where a driver is supposed to be stationed on Yurikamome.
View from the front seat

Other than these spots, I'd recommend:

-People watching from the Starbucks on the 2nd floor in the Tsutaya Building in Shibuya. The multi-direction crossing at the Hachiko Intersection is amazing in terms of the number of people especially on weekends.

-Enoden ride between kamakura and Fujisawa. It usually consists only of two carriages, and runs along the seashore line. Very atmospheric. As you plan to go to Kamakura as a day trip, this would be a good option.

-Watching tuna auction in Tsukiji Wholesale Market, it's open to public from 5 to quarter past 6 am.

Photos I took in Tsukiji Market

-Night view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buidling observatory, free admission

-Viewing the Tokyo Metropolitan Building from below.

Moon shines

-The street on the image below is really colorful at night. It's located near the south exit of JR Shinjuku Station.

-If you're into photograhy, capturing the Tokyo Tower from the foot of it at night is inriguing. There is nothing to disturb you.

-Ginza is still developing.

No blinking

- The National Art Center, Tokyo

National Art Center official website

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dorischua said...

I can't access the Tsujiki Market link :)

gutereise09 said...

Really? I can access it even after I have logged off the flickr account.
Could you try once again?

J.S said...

Working fine for me.
I want to thank you optimisk for all your advices/reports regarding Tokyo/Japan!

When we traveled to Tokyo at October with my gf I really printed your directions as how to get from Shinjuku Station to Oakwood apartments Shinjuku :) We did the change to Okubo at Shinjuku etc.

I was surprised that how easy it was, and also using subway and train was so smooth and easy.

Meaning, your directions are so accurate that it´s impossible to go wrong if only you have eyes and head intact hehe.

Thanks for everything, will visit your blog in the future too.