Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One day trip to Hakone from Tokyo

I went on a day trip to Hakone with an invite of my friends from the US. I really enjoyed Onsen bathing and gorgeous food.

I headed to Hakone-Yumoto by Odakyu Romance Car, while they went there by JR. The image above is the interior of the Romance Car.

Romance Car facade

Romance Car on board menu 1
Romance Car on board menu 2

After leaving their luggage, we headed for Lake Ashi to do the Hakone Loop.
This photo was taken on another occasion. Mt Fuji couldn't be seen on the day.

View from the boat on Lake Ashi


Cable Car

Hakone Tozan Line train

--- --- ---

Hakone Loop model course (weekdays, winter schedules):

Shinjuku 7:28--(Hakone 3)-->9:01 Hakone-Yumoto 9:15--(Bus route D, or B which runs every 15 minutes on weekdays, every 10 minutes on weekends)-->9:50 Moto Hakoneko (Moto Hakone Pier) 10:10--(Pirate Boat, runs every 30 minutes.)-->10:35 Togendai --(ropeway 8 minutes, runs every minute.)--> Owakudani (Get around the hot spring, and eat the black egg.)--(ropeway 8 minutes)-->Sounzan 13:00--(Cable Car, runs 3 times an hour.)-->13:09 Gora 13:23--(Hakone Tozan Railway, runs every 15 minutes.)-->14:07 Hakone-Yumoto 14:18--(Hakone 24)-->15:49 Shinjuku

--- --- ---

As soon as we returned to the hotel, we took a bath. There were inner and outer bath tubs. It was a fabulous moment.

Then dinner time came. This is an appetizer. It was not only visually beautiful but tasty.

Sashimi of sliced bonito and bean curd skins

Fried eggplant etc in soy sauce

Soup; I liked this the best of all the dishes.

Main dish, chicken with vegetables, steamed rice and miso soup



Overall the food was sensational to me.

Hotel info:
Hotellerie Maille Coeur Shogetsu
Their website in Japanese



Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic. Which room did you go for (japanese style?) and how was the view from the room?


gutereise09 said...

My friend family stayed in a western style room, (I myself returned home to Tokyo without overnight stay there.) and honestly the view from the room was, IIRC, mediocre with houses in the neighborhood. No lush forest or a river were seen...However other than that, that establishment was impeccable, e.g. food, hospitality, ambience, location, gorgeous communal baths. I'd recommend it.

Sara said...

Thanks for this blog post. If you didn't stay overnight in Hakone, where did you go for dinner?

Also- how did you take such beautiful pictures indoors? I plan on taking many food pictures while I'm in Japan next month.