Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Navigation from the Narita Express platform to the West Exit ( and others) at Shinjuku Station


Since the last schedule revision Narita Express has come to operate on track #5 and 6, which are rather isolated location-wise, and it will take 15 to 20 minutes from the platform to the west exit on foot (500 meters). From the west exit you can access Keio Plaza Hotel, Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Hilton Tokyo. The platform is near Yoyogi Station rather than Shinjuku itself. I wonder if it should be called a part of Shinjuku Station...

Shinjuku Station map:
Now heading from track #5 and 6 to West ticket gate.

The path to the west exit

shinjuku station aerial map nex

It's 500 meters' walk from the forward end of track #5 and 6 to the west exit.
Link to larger map

View of track # 5 and 6 from Yoyogi side
The Yamanote and Chuo Line tracks, #7 to #16 are located beyond the lights and the buildings ahead.

--- --- ---

If you head to the New South or the Southern Terrace Exit, go up this escalator.

--- --- --- --- ---

After alighting from the Narita Express, go down by escalator located at the forward end of the track.

Walk down this underground walkway.

Keep walking.

And more...

--- --- ---

If you get out of the station premises from the South Exit, use this elevator.

--- --- ---

After clearing the narrow walkway, go diagonally forward right following the signpost.

Straight on.

And straight on.

Then at the next corner turn to the left and go straight.

Keep walking.

Finally you made it.

If you are discouraged to do this walk to see these images, you might alight from Narita Express at Tokyo and change to the Chuo Line to Shinjuku. It involves much less walk, and nearly all the Chuo Line trains launch at Tokyo Station so that you can secure a seat to Shinjuku. Try to board the front carriages such as car #10 or 9 in order to quickly access the downward stairs at Shinjuku. Then it's a fifty-meter walk to the west exit.

Transfer at Tokyo Station

Shinjuku Station is often packed as the following images.



midas said...

I saw this link you left on japanguide.com forum and clicked on it. You seem to be extremely familiar with the Shinjuku station. I'm planning to visit Japan in Nov and will be staying at Kadoya hotel (near to Keio). I'll be taking NEX too and worry that I would have problem with my heavy luggage especially on my way back to airport since I will definitely be shopping in Japan. Do you have an idea how many staircases do I need to overcome to get to/from NEX platform from the West exit?

midas said...

you can reply to my email too...



Anonymous said...

gutereise09 many thanks for this excellent guide. It is the best I have seen anywhere. It is like a computer flowchart, you cant go wrong with it. You should be hired by the Japaan tourist board to prepare guides.