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Access to Oakwood Shinjuku from Shinjuku Station

Access directions to Oakwood Apartments Shinjuku  after alighting from NEX

7th March, 2011
This establishment seems to have been closed.

Oakwood Shinjuku mainly caters to those staying for a long time. It's a reputable establishment. There are a lot of shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

In case you head to Shinjuku from Narita Airport by Narita Express, you might want to change to a Chuo-Sobu local train to Okubo and walk there.

Distance from Oakwood Shinjuku
Distance from Shinjuku and Okubo Stations

Index on this page (link to each item)

1) Access info from the Shinjuku Station Narita Express platform via Okubo Station

2) Access info from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit

3) Access info from the limousine bus stop from Narita Airport

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1) Access from the Shinjuku Station Narita Express platform via Okubo Station

Link to the Shinjuku Station Map. NEX will arrive on platform #5 or 6

First, get off the Narita Express at Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Platform #3 and 4

Stairs with signboard: Then go upstairs to the southernmost, Shibuya side overhead hallway by escalator.

Hallway: Walk toward platform #16 to catch the Sobu-Chuo Local train.

Go down to platform #16 by escalator.

Sobu-Chuo Line local train: You are supposed to take one of them to Okubo, next stop.

Next stop Okubo is shown on this LED just above the doors.

Okubo Station

After getting off the train, head toward the south exit.

Okubo Station

Go downstairs to clear the turnstile.
Then turn on the right and soon turn left, then walk diagonally.

oakwood shinjuku from okubo

Map directions from Okubo Station to Oakwood

Keep walking until you encounter the Odakibashi-Dori.

Odakibashi Dori (Street)

This is the Odakibashi-Dori. Head straight toward Shinjuku on the left side walkway.
Then you'll find the Oakwood soon on your left.

Oakwood Aprtments Shinjuku

Oakwood entrance

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2) Access from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit

Link to the navigation from the Narita Express platform to the West Exit

Clear the West Exit turnstile.

Walk through the crowds to find this signpost. ( Stairs #1 )

Go up to the ground level.

Then start to walk down the curbside on the right all the way.

Keep walking.

Go on walking. Then cross the intersection ahead.

The view from the intersection

Then you pass this book store. You are now very close to Oakwood.

Oakwood Aprtments Shinjuku

Oakwood entrance.

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3) Access from the limousine bus stop from Narita Airport

Shinjuku Station Limousine Bus Stop

The coach arrives at bus stop #23. Walk backward for awhile, then follow this navigation.



Anonymous said...

Your blog is very helpful, thanks! Have not yet traveled to Japan but I"m sure this will make it much easier!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post, it was so helpful when we arrived in Shinjuku. Amazing!

Lynn said...

I'm planning to visit Japan in May and will be staying at Citadines Tokyo Shinjuku. I'll be taking NEX from airport to Shinjuku, by any chance will you be doing directions from JR Shinjuku station to Citadines?