Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting around Hiroshima and Miyajima in a day

hiroshima location

Though Hiroshima has very sad history that more than 100,000 people were killed in the atomic bomb attacks, it now enjoys a lot of beautiful scenery and tasty local food such as oysters and Okonomiyaki. It has both an international airport and a Shinkansen station, so access isn't a big issue.


First, catch the tram from Hiroshima Station to A-Bomb Dome stop, 15 minutes' duration, 150 yen each way and frequent operation.

Peace memorial park

Walk to the A-Bomb Dome. It's been well preserved since WWII and it's now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. RIP.

Peace memorial park

Prayers for peace

Proceed to the Peace Monument in the Peace Memorial Park.

Then visit the Peace Memorial Museum, located at the back of the monument on this photo. The admission is 50 yen. You'll learn a lot about what the then Hiroshima citizens suffered from.



After going through the museum, change your mind and walk 15 minutes to the Okonomimura, a building where a lot of Okonomiyaki stands flock. It's really tasty, and very affordable.


After lunch, head to Miyajima by tram from Kamiyacho Stop. It runs every 7.5 minutes, costs 270 yen each way to Miyajimaguchi and takes 53 minutes.

From Miyajimaguchi Station, walk five minutes to the Miyajimaguchi Port to catch the ferry to Miyajima. It runs every 15 minutes, costs 170 yen each way and takes 10 minutes.

Enjoy the Itsukushima Shrine. It would be advisable to stay on Miyajima until sunset if possible.

Train to Hiroshima

Finally it's time you were returning to Hiroshima. Take the ferry and the JR Sanyo Line from Miyajimaguchi Station. It costs 400 yen from Miyajimaguchi to Hiroshima each way and takes 26 minutes on a local train.
Hiroshima bound timetable from Miyajimaguchi on weekdays

For more historical background, refer to wikipedia.

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Additional info on Okonomiyaki restaurant in the shopping complex attached to Hiroshima Station.

'Reichan (้บ—ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“)'

One word: Yummy :-)



Julie said...

wonderful photos and directions.

fay said...

I will be catching an early morning flight from the Hiroshima airport and would like information on a nearby place to sleep with transportation to the airport. Any suggestions?

Tom said...

Thanks for this - having just followed a very similar route around the city (including that okonomiyaki place - yum), I was trying to find out how long the tram to Miyajimaguchi took - and Google found your blog with exactly that info. Also, great photos!