Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to Japan Guide ( Narita Airport )

Welcome to Japan Guide ( Narita Airport )

I'd show you the procedures after disembarkation from the plane to how to take the train to Tokyo proper with photos. This is all about the Terminal 1, however the principal structure is very similar to each other.

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Arrival at Narita

Proceed to immigration
Proceed to immigration

Empty immigration
Sorry for the poor quality shot...

Baggage claim
Baggage claim area

Then you need to clear customs. The officer may ask you to open your bag. As you exit the air side, you are in the south wing. Those who need to catch the train asap, go downstairs by escalator or by lift.
Escalator to Keisei and JR Stations

JR Line (Narita Express, etc) details, or Keisei Line (Skyliner, limited express) details

Narita railway access map
While the JR Narita Express boasts its good connections to major stations in central Tokyo and Yokohama, the Keisei Skyliner and the limited express feature their reasonable prices to Nippori and Ueno.

Those who catch the limousine bus, there are two ticket counters.

Limousine Bus ticket counter
This one is open from 6:30 to 23:00.

Limousine Bus ticket counter
And this from 7:00 to 21:00.

Official limousine bus info

Other useful facilities in the south wing.

ANA domestic check in counter
ANA domestic check in counter

Signpost to baggage delivery counters
Signpost to courier counters

Baggage delivery companies
And courier counters

Shower rooms
Signpost to shower rooms

Official shower and day room info

For other info, refer to Narita Airport official website.



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