Sunday, July 27, 2008

Access to Keio Plaza Hotel from Shinjuku Station

Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku is one of the very reputable hotels in Tokyo. Because of it's huge capacity on top, many tourists stay there. I'll feature the way to there from inside JR Shinjuku Station via West exit.

I covered other people's faces on the images to protect their privacy. I'm sorry for lowering the quality of the photos...

For those who head to Keio Plaza Shinjuku from Narita Airport, I'd also recommend using the limousine bus besides the Narita Express. According to a rep at Limousine Bus company, it's not always the case the duration from NRT to Keio Plaza exceeds 2 hours. The convenience that you can directly get to the hotel from the airport is hard to beat in one hand.

NRT Limousine Bus timetable from and to the hotels in Shinjuku
Limousine and Metropass for 3,100 yen

Link to JR Shinjuku Station map
The west exit is located on the middle right on the map.

Link to Keio Plaza official site

shinjuku map001

The red line indicates the route from the Shinjuku Station West Exit. The green line indicates the route from the Narita Express platform #5 and 6 to the west exit.
( Google Map )

Walk down the hallway located on the first right on the Shinjuku Station map toward the west gate.

Clear the west exit.

If you're not confident on how to get to the hotel, inquire the police officer of the way. Even though they don't speak English, with only the word of your destination they will understand and assist you.

Follow the signboard directions.

Keep walking on the left side of the roundabout. In case your luggage is heavy, and you don't feel like walking anymore, catch a taxi from the rank on the right of this photo. It's slightly less than 10 minutes walk from here.

Go on walking.

Walk down until you get out of this underground walkway, then you will soon spot Keio Plaza on your left.

Enjoy your stay!



Pete said...

These pictures were an enormous help. I booked the Keio before having a real grasp on it's location from the station and your pictures got me their (once I found the west exit). Next time I take the bus from Narita to the hotel. (It must have taken me a bewildering 30 minutes just to get from the train platform to the west exit. Thanks to your pictures, from there it was easy.

Anonymous said...

This is so useful! thanks!