Thursday, July 24, 2008

Transfer from Narita Express to Shinkansen at Tokyo and Shinagawa Stations

Bullet train

--Index (Link to each item)--

1) Transfer at Tokyo Station

2) Transfer at Shinagawa Station ( to the Tokaido Shinkansen )

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1) Transfer at Tokyo Station

Link to Tokyo Station map


Narita Express pulls in on Sobu Rapid track #1
The Narita Express arrives on Sobu Rapid track #1 from NRT.

Take the escalator to basement  4
First take the escalator to the besement 4.

Escalators to the basement 1
Then another one to the basement 1.

Basement 1
Walk to the escalator to get to the ground level.

Go up to the ground level
Go up to the ground level.

Tokyo Station
Then proceed to the Shinkansen entrance following the signboards.

Tokyo Station
Head diagonally forward left.

Tokyo Station
This is the Tokaido Shinkansen central transfer entrance.

Tokyo Station
This is the Tohoku, Joetsu Shinkansen central transfefr entrance.

The whole process will take 10 to 15 minutes.

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2) Transfer at Shinagawa Station ( to the Tokaido Shinkansen )

Link to Shinagawa Station map
I took the directory photos via the hallway on the left on the map ( in pink ).

The Narita Express arrives on track #15.

Go upstairs by escalator.

As soon as you leave the escalator, turn on the left.

You can see the signpost directing you to the Shinkansen track immediately.

Waiting area at Shinagawa Station
There is a spacious waiting area on the Shinkansen premises before you clear the turnstile.

Shinagawa Shinkansen transfer entrance
Shinkansen entrance turnstiles. The Kyoto, Osaka bound tracks are #23 and 24.

It's much simpler to change trains at Shinagawa than at Tokyo, as you have noticed.



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Very good post!

RJH San Francisco said...

You deserve a medal for the time and very helpful and detailed information and photos you contributed to assist first-time visitors to Japan like me! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

These are terrific directions. Can you reverse the one at Shinagawa. I am arriving on the Shinkansen from Osaka and need to find the Narita Express.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I now am confident of taking train from NRT-Shinagawa-Kyoto. Very helpful post!

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