Friday, December 19, 2008

The way from Narita Airport to Maihama, Tokyo Disney Resort

Not a small number of tourists head from Narita Airport to Maihama directly to their hotel, however the last Limousine Bus leaves the airport rather early in the evening, which makes many people flying into Narita late at night inconvenienced.

So I'd show alternative modes of transport to the Limousine Bus here.

(1) Limousine Bus info
This is by far the best option as long as you can catch it.

(2) Taking trains on the Keisei and JR Sobu and Keiyo Lines via Funabashi and Nishi-Funabashi

This way is twice as frequent as the one shown in #3 below, and it will work out cheaper.

(3) Catching the bus to JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station, then changing to the JR Keiyo Line to get to Maihama with only one transfar en route.

Route map
A: Narita Airport
B: Kaihin Makuhari Station
C: Maihama Station

A-1: Narita Airport (NRT) to Maihama on weekdays:

bus timetable from nrt to makuhari, chiba

--- --- ---

kaihin-makuhari tokyo bound timetable weekdays

A-2: Weekend Keiyo Line Tokyo bound timetable from Kaihin Makuhari (The bus timetable is valid on weekends also.):

kaihin-makuhari tokyo bound timetable weekends

How to get to the Keiyo Line platform from the Narita Express one at Tokyo Station

--- --- ---

B: Bus timetable from Kaihin Makuhari to NRT:

Train schedule finder from Maihama (or somewhere else) to Kaihin-Makuhari

bus timetable from makuhari to nrt


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