Monday, October 20, 2008

Discounted Nozomi ticket

If you don't want to travel on the slower and less frequent Hikari between Tokyo and Kyot or Osaka with a Japan Railpass, or if you're unable to purchase a JR Pass, buying a discunted Shinkansen ticket valid on the Nozomi, sold at ticket shops, or 'Kin-ken-ya' in Japanese would be an optimal solution.

Yet please note that you can't use this kind of discount tickets during the New Year's holiday, the Golden Week and the Obon periods.

After you purchase this type of ticket, you need to have a seat reservation made on it at any JR ticket counter.

As for the convenience of Nozomi train, refer to the Japan Railpass page.

Normal Tokyo - Kyoto Nozomi one way reservation ticket: 13,520 yen

1) Discounted ticket for the same conditions sold in Tokyo: 12,600 yen
2) In Kyoto: 12,850 yen

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1) In Tokyo (Ticket prices and whereabouts of the shops)

Daikokuya Yurakucho Branch:

yurakucho map

In Shimbashi:
shimbashi station map

In Shinjuku:
shinjuku station west side aerial map

There are a lot of them also in Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc.

2) In Kyoto:

There is a ticket shop 'Tokai' very close to Kyoto Station.

way to ticket shop tokai in kyoto

You'll see the Kyoto Tower in front before you cross the street.

Cross the intersection diagonally.

The shop is located on the second floor of this building.

I have seen a lot of ticket shops on the Shijo Street also in Kyoto.



Anonymous said...

Is there really such a disc for shinkansen? Are the vendors reliable? I'm afraid they will sell me the wrong ticket. I have a party of 5 traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto (one-way).

gutereise09 said...

The discount may not that significant compared with the Japan Railpass which gives you unlimited travel on JR lines throughout Japan.
The vendors, ticket resell shops are trustworthy here in Japan. If you want to make sure you can get correct tickets by avoiding miscommunication with them, you might have details necessary to buy the tickets written in Japanese by someone at your hotel before you go to the shop.

hogyo said...


Can you get such a ticket from kyoto to Hakata on nozomi?
will the 25th of august be obon festival?